This work shows that viral protein fragments are capable of stimulating fish anamnestic immunological responses in leukocytes from the rainbow trout (, W.). Recombinant protein fragments of glycoprotein and nucleoprotein from the rhabdovirus causing viral haemorrhagic septicaemia of trout (VHSV), were cloned and expressed in (a trout pathogen) and . The recombinant protein fragments stimulated anamnestic responses in leukocyte cultures derived from the anterior kidney of survivors of VHSV infection but not from uninfected trout. Two types of stimulatory anamnestic responses were detected, (i) a stimulation of lymphoproliferation as measured by thymidine incorporation assays and (ii) an increase in number, spreading and size of cells as determined by fibrin-clot and/or flow cytometry techniques. The evidence presented suggests that both adherent and non-adherent trout cell populations are needed for the immunological response to VHSV in this primitive vertebrate. The possible use of lymphoproliferation assays as a preliminary screening method for candidate fish vaccines prior to their testing is discussed.


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