Murine adenovirus (MAd) type 1 strain FL and type 2 strain K87 genomes were cloned into plasmid pAT153 as dIII restriction fragments. The MAd-1 and MAd-2 DNA genomes, 30.10 kb and 34.71 kb in length respectively, were mapped using II, I, RI, dIII and I restriction endonuclease cleavage sites. In view of the large differences found between the MAd-1 and MAd-2 genomes in terms of the number and location of restriction sites, cross-hybridization experiments were performed. Homologous DNA sequences were located on the MAd-1 and MAd-2 physical maps. Both viruses are also genetically related to human adenovirus type 2 (HAd-2). Nucleotide sequences shared by HAd-2 and the MAds code for structural proteins, which may explain the antigenic similarities between these viruses from different origins. Our results confirm the existence of two distinct adenovirus species in the mouse.


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