Twenty-six polypeptides in murine herpesvirus isolate 72 (MHV-72) were identified and the synthesis and accumulation of 21 virus-specific polypeptides in Vero cells during the course of productive infection with MHV-72 were examined. Five of the infected cell polypeptides accumulated within the nuclei and nine accumulated within the cytoplasm of MHV-72-infected cells. Seven polypeptides were identified within the nuclei and cytoplasm in equivalent amounts. The major capsid protein was shown to have an of 161K. Thirteen virus-specific polypeptides were solubilized with Nonidet P-40 or radioimmunoprecipitation assay buffer and immunoprecipitated with rabbit and mouse immune sera. Analysis of the polypeptides of MHV-72 indicate a closer resemblance between MHV-72 and the gammaherpesviruses herpesvirus saimiri and Epstein—Barr virus than with the alphaherpesvirus herpes simplex virus type 1.


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