In addition to the seven known homologous regions () of multiple nucleocapsid polyhedrosis virus (AcMNPV) the dIII-K fragment was also found to carry a putative , although this fragment does not contain an . Deletion analysis showed that this contains several segments essential for its activity and other ‘auxiliary’ sequences that enhance the activity. Sequence analysis identified several structures often found in other viral replication , such as palindromes and other repeated motifs. Although most of the auxiliary sequences of this were found to be deleted in the nucleocapsid polyhedrosis virus genome, the essential part of this , containing the palindromes and the A/T-rich region, was retained. This and the fact that after prolonged serial passage of AcMNPV large replicating DNA molecules are found in which repeated sequences derived from the dIII-K fragment accumulate are consistent with this region being a putative origin of AcMNPV DNA replication.


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