The sequence of the latent membrane protein 1 (LMP-1) gene was analysed in Epstein—Barr virus (EBV) isolates from specific regions representing both type 1 and type 2 EBV. A predominant strain marked by an I restriction enzyme polymorphism (REP) within the LMP-1 gene has been identified in type 1 EBV in nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) from Southern China. This polymorphism was also present in type 2 EBV in NPC from Alaska. In this study, the sequence of the LMP-1 gene was determined in these samples representing type 1 and type 2 EBV and was compared with the prototype lymphoid strains. Consistent nucleotide variation in the amino terminus of LMP-1 was identified in strains marked by the I REP. These changes were present in both EBV type 1 and type 2 strains. Three types of sequence variation were detected in the carboxy terminus of LMP-1. The LMP-1 sequences differed in the number of an 11 amino acid repeat element. In the prototype EBV type 1 (B95-8) sequence and in the type 1 Raji and type 2 HR-1 strains, the third repeat element contained an insertion of 5 amino acids that were also the first five unique amino acids after the last partial repeat element. The third variation was a deletion of amino acids 343 to 352 of the B95-8 LMP-1. This deletion was detected in the type 1 Chinese EBV strains, but was not detected in the type 2 Alaskan strains although the Chinese and Alaskan strains have nearly identical amino acid changes at the amino terminus. Numerous other amino acid changes were detected in the carboxy terminus which did not cosegregate with either EBV type, amino acid changes in the amino terminus, or specific geographic regions. These data indicate that EBV strains can be distinguished by sequence differences within LMP-1 and that unlike the divergence between type 1 and type 2 EBV in Epstein—Barr nuclear antigen sequences, different EBV types are nearly identical in LMP-1 sequence.


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