Four different antigenic sites (A-1, A-2, B-1, B-2) have been identified previously on the haemagglutinin-esterase (HE) glycoprotein of influenza C/Ann Arbor/1/50 virus with seven monoclonal antibodies (MAbs). In this study we produced 30 additional anti-HE MAbs, nine of which demonstrated at least one of the following activities: haemagglutination inhibition, receptor-destroying enzyme inhibition, haemolysis inhibition, and neutralization (group A). The remaining had none of these activities (group B). These antibodies, and those previously isolated, were used to construct a more complete antigenic map of the HE molecule. Operational and topological analyses showed that a minimum of nine non-overlapping or partially overlapping antigenic sites were present on the HE protein, five recognized by group A MAbs (A-1 to A-5) and four by group B (B-1 to B-4). Among these antigenic sites, site A-5 was unique in that MAbs to this site inhibited the receptor-destroying activity without influencing the receptor-binding activity, which supports the idea that the sites responsible for these two functions are separate. It was also found that several group B MAbs were cross-reactive with host cell antigens.


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