The virus-associated (VA) RNA gene regions of the human subgroup F adenoviruses (types 40 and 41) were amplified using primers corresponding to flanking open reading frames of human and simian (SA7) adenovirus sequences previously published. The subgroup F adenoviruses, like human Ad12 (subgroup A) and SA7, were found to have only one VA RNA gene at this locus (map unit 30). The type 40 and type 41 VA RNA genes have primary sequence characteristics in common with other known VA RNA genes, have high cross-identity (93%), and show appreciably higher identity to the single VA RNA gene present in SA7 (77% and 81%, respectively) than to any of the VA RNA genes of Ad2, Ad7 or Ad12 (< 61%). These findings may have implications for explaining the evolution and growth peculiarities of human subgroup F adenoviruses.


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