Two viruses were isolated from green stinkbugs () with severe disease symptoms. These viruses have been named virus type 1 (NVV-1) and NVV-2 according to their relative sedimentation coefficients. NVV-1 is a small picorna-like virus with a diameter of 29 nm, a buoyant density in CsCl of 1.34 g/ml and a sedimentation coefficient of 153S. NVV-1 particles contain a 9.4 kb ssRNA segment and have three coat proteins of s 32100, 31500 and 30700. NVV-2 sediments as two components on sucrose gradients; the top 104S component consists almost entirely of 41 nm empty capsids and the faster sedimenting 177S component consists of intact 39 nm spherical particles. NVV-2 particles have a buoyant density in CsCl of 1.39 g/ml and consist of one major protein of 73800 and at least two minor proteins of s 13500 and 16500. Only one dsRNA segment of 6.2 kb was identified. The properties of NVV-2 are similar to those of the . Individual stinkbugs were infected with either NVV-1 or NVV-2, or with a mixture of the two viruses. Re-infection of virus-free stinkbugs with the mixture resulted in typical disease symptoms. Both viruses were vertically transmitted through the eggs and insects were infected by surface contamination of their food source.


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