The complete sequence of RNA segment 5 of the African horsesickness virus serotype 4 (AHSV-4) vaccine strain was determined from cDNA clones inserted into pBR322. The RNA is 1751 bp long ( 1.12 × 10) and contains an open reading frame encoding a protein of 548 amino acids ( 63 122) with a net charge of +0.5 at neutral pH. A comparison of the sequence of AHSV-4 segment 5 with that of segment 6 of bluetongue virus (BTV) serotypes 10 and 17 revealed 49.2% and 48.9% nucleotide similarity, respectively, and 31.4% amino acid similarity. However, AHSV-4 segment 5 has no significant similarity to BTV segment 5. In addition, Northern blot hybridization showed that full-length AHSV-4 segment 5 cDNA cross-hybridized with the corresponding genes of all serotypes of attenuated AHSV.


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