The nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences of three genes of turkey rhinotracheitis virus (TRTV) together with the nucleotide sequences of the relevant intergenic regions were determined. The deduced amino acid sequence of one of the genes shows significant identity (42%) to that of the 22K protein of human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). The TRTV 22K gene, like that of RSV, has a second open reading frame, although the amino acid sequence deduced from this reading frame does not show any similarity to the equivalent predicted RSV protein. The other two genes and their deduced amino acid sequences do not show any sequence similarity to the genes of other pneumoviruses. However, the hydrophobicity profiles of the predicted proteins do show similarities to those of the small hydrophobic (SH) and attachment protein (G) genes of RSV. The TRTV G gene is 1193 nucleotides in length and encodes a protein of 391 amino acids ( 42984), which is rather larger than the RSV G protein (predicted 36000). The TRTV SH gene is 589 nucleotides in length, encoding a protein of 174 amino acids ( 18797), which is considerably larger than the size of the RSV SH protein ( 7500). The sequences of the intergenic regions derived from clones of polycistronic mRNAs and polymerase chain reaction products obtained with primers from different genes reveal the order on the virus genome to be 3′ F-22K-SH-G 5′. This differs from the gene order of paramyxoviruses and morbilliviruses, which lack a 22K gene (and in some cases a SH gene), and the pneumoviruses RSV and pneumonia virus of mice, which have the F and 22K genes located after the G gene.


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