The complete nucleotide sequence of the genomic RNA of cucumber green mottle mosaic virus water-melon strain SH (CGMMV-SH) was determined using cloned cDNA. This sequence is 6421 nucleotides long containing at least four open reading frames, which correspond to 186K, 129K, 29K and 17.3K proteins. The 17.3K protein is the coat protein. Sequence analysis shows that GMMV-SH is very closely related to another watermelon strain, CGMMV-W, although three amino acid substitutions in the 29K protein were found between these strains. The sequence was also compared to those of other tobamoviruses, tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) , TMV-L (a tomato strain) and tobacco mild green mosaic virus reported by other groups. It shows 55 to 56% identity with these viruses. The size and location of the open reading frames are very similar to those of TMV but the 129K and 186K proteins are composed of 1142 and 1646 amino acids, being larger than those of TMV by 27 and 31 amino acids, respectively. The deduced amino acid sequences of these proteins are highly homologous to those of TMV, especially in the readthrough downstream region of the 186K protein.


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