We studied the association of herpes simplex type 1 (HSV-1) glycoprotein D (gD-1) expression in epidermal cells (EC) with virus-specific immunity and protection of mice from fatal HSV-2 challenge. Vaccinia virus recombinants containing gD-1 under the control of an early (VP176) or late (VP254) vaccinia virus promoter were used. Mature gD-1 protein was expressed in VP176-infected EC and they had accessory cell function for HSV-2-induced T cell proliferation of immune lymph node cells (LNC). It was not expressed in VP254-infected EC and they did not act as accessory cells. LNC from VP176- but not VP254-immunized mice proliferated in response to HSV antigen and only VP176-immunized mice had complete long-term protection from HSV-2 challenge.

Keyword(s): glycoprotein D , HSV and vaccinia virus

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