Alcelaphine herpesvirus type 1 (AHV-1) is a causative agent of the fatal lymphoproliferative disease malignant catarrhal fever in deer and cattle. The genomes of the attenuated WC11 isolate and the virulent C500 isolate have been studied. The genome of WC11 comprises a region of unique DNA of approximately 130 kbp, which has a G + C content of 50%, and approximately 30 kbp of additional tandem direct repeat sequences with a G + C content of 72%. WC11 possesses a major repeat sequence of 950 bp interspersed with a small number of related sequences of different length; these sequences are probably terminal in location. DNA from the C500 isolate has a similar restriction profile to that of WC11 in the unique region, but only one repeat sequence of 1050 bp is present. We propose, on the basis of biological and structural properties, that AHV-1 be included within the γ group of herpesviruses of which herpesvirus ateles is the prototype.


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