2nd International Symposium on Positive Strand RNA Viruses. Vienna, Austria, 26–30 June 1989. Topics include: Genome Replication; DI-RNAs and Vectors; Protein Translation, Cleavage and Modification; Virion Structure and Assembly; Antigenic Structure; Virus Receptors, Uptake and Disassembly; Pathogenesis and Virulence; Strategies for Control of Viral Disease; Viral Evolution.

World Health Organization Review on the development of dengue, Japanese encephalitis and other flavivirus vaccines.

Contact: Dr F. X. Heinz; Institute of Virology; Kinderspitalgasse 15; A-1095 Vienna; Austria; Tel. no. (area code 222) 43 15 95; Fax no. (area code 222) 43 21 61


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