Rabbit antisera produced against two comoviruses (cowpea mosaic virus and cowpea severe mosaic virus) were used in plate-trapped ELISA and liquid phase competition ELISA. In the latter, the top component competed against bound unfractionated virus more effectively than did nucleoprotein components. One murine monoclonal antibody elicited to cowpea mosaic virus and three monoclonal antibodies to cowpea severe mosaic virus exhibited differential binding to top component, relative to either middle or bottom components in plate-trapped or antibody-trapped ELISAs. Differential binding to centrifugal components of virus by two of these monoclonal antibodies was maintained in liquid phase competition assays. These data suggest that the encapsidation of RNA alters the configuration of the virion surface in the vicinity of the antibody epitopes. Ribonuclease digestion of intact or denatured virus did not affect the binding of monoclonal antibodies.


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