The genome DNAs from the (Pf) multiple nucleocapsid nuclear polyhedrosis virus (MNPV) and the (Mb) MNPV were analysed with the restriction endonucleases HI, II, I, dIII, I and I. The profiles produced by each enzyme for the two virus genomes were quite dissimilar with very few comigrating fragments. The size of PfMNPV DNA was calculated to be 145 kilobase pairs (kbp) and that of MbMNPV 150 kbp. Physical maps of the two genomes were constructed utilizing the above enzymes. The two maps were oriented in relation to their putative polyhedrin genes. Alignment of the two restriction maps for PfMNPV and MbMNPV was achieved by performing cross blot hybridization between I digests of the two virus genomes. This showed that despite differences in the physical maps the two genomes shared overall similarity in gene organization. The two viruses were also compared using dot blot hybridization analysis to quantify homology with (Ac) MNPV. These data showed that both PfMNPV and MbMNPV were distantly related to AcMNPV but exhibited a high degree of homology to each other (nearly 100% in 20% formamide, 70% in 50% formamide).


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