Turkey rhinotracheitis (TRT) virus is a paramyxovirus associated with recent outbreaks of acute respiratory disease in turkeys. On morphological criteria it resembles the pneumoviruses more than the other members of the paramyxovirus family. In this communication we report the identification of five virus-induced polypeptides in TRT virus-infected BS-C-1 cells. The of these polypeptides were estimated as 38K, 35K, 30K, 19K and 15K from their electrophoretic mobility in SDS-polyacrylamide 6 to 15% gradient gels. The virus specificity of four (the 38K, 35K, 30K and 19K polypeptides) of these five was confirmed by their predominance as products of translation of mRNA from TRT virus-infected BS-C-1 cells. An additional virus-specific polypeptide with an estimated of 22K was revealed by translation and may be either a non-structural polypeptide or a minor structural protein. All six polypeptides were immunoprecipitated by a murine antiserum. Three other polypeptides (129K, 57K and 45K) were also immunoprecipitated. The 57K, 45K and 15K polypeptides were glycosylated, and the 57K glycopolypeptide may be a disulphide-bonded dimer of the 45K and 15K glycopolypeptides. Another major glycopolypeptide of 83K was observed but its virus-specificity could not be confirmed. Taken together our results tentatively identify eight or nine TRT virus-specified polypeptides and are consistent with the classification of TRT virus as a new member of the genus .


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