Partial N-terminal amino acid analyses of five radiolabelled non-structural (ns) proteins specified by Kunjin (KUN) virus provided positive identification of NS3, NS5 and three previously hypothetical ns proteins of flaviviruses, ns2a, ns2b and ns4b. Their correct gene order was obtained from their deduced amino acid sequences. Thus the gene order for KUN virus relative to that proposed for yellow fever (YF) virus was as follows: KUN 5′…GP44·P19·P10·P71·(?)·P21·P98-3′, YF 5′…NS1·ns2a·ns2b·NS3·ns4a·ns4b·NS5-3′. The identity of GP44 as NS1 was assumed from the known nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences; ns4a was not identified. The cleavage sites in the polyprotein for KUN NS2B, NS3 and NS5 were identical, Lys-Arg↓Gly, similar in form to the sequence Arg-Arg↓Ser defined at the cleavage sites of YF NS3 and NS5. A new consensus cleavage site for NS1, NS2A and NS4B in the form Val-X-Ala↓, where X is any one of several uncharged amino acids, was found at corresponding sites homologous to those of KUN virus in all published flavivirus sequences (a total of 18 sites). NS1 and NS4B, but not NS2A, were preceded by a putative signal sequence.


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