Cotransfection of nuclear polyhedrosis virus (RoMNPV) and HI or I fragments from the genome of nuclear polyhedrosis virus (AcMNPV) yielded a high frequency of virus recombinants in larvae. When larvae were cotransfected either with the entire genome of AcMNPV and RoMNPV restriction fragments or with a mixture of the two viruses, only AcMNPV was produced. In the virus recombinants, the prevalence of certain regions from the genome of the donor virus (AcMNPV) varied considerably, e.g. from 0% in the 35 to 41 map unit region area to a high level in the 20 to 23 map unit region. The AcMNPV polyhedrin gene was shown to be inherited preferentially.

Keyword(s): AcMNPV , recombination and RoMNPV

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