A hybridoma line was isolated which produced antibody reacting with polypeptides of apparent molecular weights 32000, 34000 and 35000 (32K/34K/35K) and 55000 and 57000 (55K/57K). These were sulphated glycoproteins that have previously been found in the medium of herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1)-infected cells. By tryptic peptide mapping and serological cross-reactions the polypeptides were shown to be related to HSV-1 glycoprotein E (gE-1) but they lacked the Fc binding function. The 32K/34K/35K and 55K/57K polypeptides were not found in the medium of HSV-1-infected cells incubated in serum-free medium. They could be generated from purified gE-1 in the presence of serum. It is likely that 32K/34K/35K and 55K/57K are derived from gE-1 by the action of serum proteases.

Keyword(s): Fc binding , glycoprotein E and HSV-1

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