An replication system for the nuclear polyhedrosis virus (MNPV) was established and used (i) to characterize this baculovirus biochemically; (ii) to study the cytoplasmic spindle-shaped inclusions (CSIs) associated with MNPV replication; and (iii) to compare the cytopathic changes during MNPV replication and as well as the properties of virions, polyhedra and CSIs from both systems. It was shown that the processes occurring during, and the products of, MNPV replication closely resemble those , i.e. in larval hosts. Genome analysis by restriction endonucleases, as well as infectivity studies with polyhedra from both sources did not reveal major differences between virus produced and that produced . The CSIs were found exclusively in the cytoplasm of infected cells and were shown to consist of a single protein of 50000. Although the biological significance of these spindles, which are produced in large quantities, is not known, they do not seem to be of importance for the infectivity of this baculovirus .


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