Herpes simplex virus type 1 and a fluorescein-labelled lectin (wheat germ agglutinin) were selectively transported to nerve cell bodies located in the inner compartment of a two-chamber tissue culture system after the application of virus or lectin to the neuritic processes in the outer culture compartment. Taxol, which stabilizes and alters intracellular arrangements of microtubules, and nocodazole, which disrupts microtubules, both inhibited this retrograde axonal transport of viral particles and lectin. The transport was also inhibited by erythro-9-3-(2-hydroxynonyl)adenine (EHNA), which blocks ATPases. However, EHNA was also an effective inhibitor of infection with the virus in non-neuronal cells (GMK AH-1). The nature of the action(s) of EHNA on neuritic transport of the virus is therefore less clear.

Keyword(s): axonal transport , HSV-1 and microtubules

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