The gene encoding the major capsid polypeptide (MCP 48) of frog virus 3 (FV 3) has been mapped on the viral DNA. Late FV 3 messenger RNA, hybrid-selected by the I-F fragment or a subset of these sequences, HI-L and -W fragments, directed the synthesis of a 48000 mol. wt. (48K) polypeptide. This product was recognized by monospecific antibodies raised against the major capsid polypeptide. The RNA complementary to these DNA sequences was about 1350 nucleotides in size. This transcript, encoding MCP 48, was precisely located; S1 nuclease analysis indicated that its 5′ end mapped at 1250 nucleotides to the right and its 3′ end at 160 nucleotides to the left of the HI site at the junction between the HI-W and -L fragments.

Keyword(s): capsid protein , FV 3 and gene mapping

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