The nucleotide sequence of the gene encoding the fusion (F) glycoprotein of the Beaudette C strain of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) has been determined from cDNA clones obtained from virion RNA. The gene is 1792 nucleotides long, including mRNA start and polyadenylation signals typical of paramyxoviruses. The single open reading frame encodes a polypeptide of 553 amino acids, with a predicted molecular weight of 59042. The F polypeptide has three regions of high hydrophobicity: an N-terminal signal peptide, the N terminus of F (known from protein sequencing) and a C-terminal membrane-spanning region by which the F glycoprotein is anchored to the membrane. The cleavage site of F is located in a highly basic region of the F polypeptide. Five potential asparagine-linked glycosylation sites are present in the amino acid sequence, of which one is in F and the others in F. Comparison of the NDV F amino acid sequence to those from other paramyxoviruses reveals homology to Sendai virus, simian virus 5 and human respiratory syncytial virus. There is also limited homology between the N terminus of F of NDV and the N termini of HA of influenza viruses. Post-translational modifications of the NDV F polypeptide are discussed in the light of information provided by the amino acid sequence.


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