An isolate of the non-occluded baculovirus Hz-1, containing a high level of defective particles, was recovered after serial passage in (TN-368) tissue culture cells. DNA from defective virions contained deletions of up to 91 kilobase pairs. Defective particles were shown to interfere with the infection or replication of standard virions. Standard virus appeared to be required for replication of defective interfering (DI) particles. Initiation of both standard and DI viral DNA replication occurred at 4 h post-inoculation. Virus-induced protein synthesis was studied by pulse-labelling with [S]methionine. During defective virus replication in the presence of low amounts of standard virus, there was a significant reduction in the synthesis of 14 proteins (mol. wt. 109, 93, 92, 90, 85, 69, 57, 50, 40, 27.5, 23, 17.5, 17 and 14, all × 10) and an increase in the synthesis of five proteins (mol. wt. 104, 75, 41, 37 and 14.2, all × 10) as compared to standard virus infections.


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