Xanthates have recently been shown to inhibit the replication of both DNA and RNA viruses . The antiviral activity was exerted only under acidic pH conditions. Curative effects on herpes simplex virus (HSV)-induced skin lesions were only observed when the xanthate compound was administered in the form of an ointment containing acidic buffer (sodium phosphate pH 5.0). Advanced HSV-2-induced skin lesions in mice were healed by topical treatment with the xanthate compound. HSV-1-induced lesions on skin of guinea-pigs were cured within 2 days even when the treatment was initiated as late as 4 days after infection. Both HSV-1 DNA synthesis and virus production in the skin of guinea-pigs were also shown to be inhibited after treatment with the xanthate compound.

Keyword(s): chemotherapy , HSV-1 and -2 and xanthates

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