Moloney murine sarcoma virus (Mo-MuSV) was one of the most widely studied mammalian retroviruses because it had acquired the cellular sequence called (Van Beveren , 1981; Frankel & Fischinger, 1976), one of the first oncogenes identified. But difficulties with the low level of expression of the viral (v-) protein and apparent lack of cellular (c-) expression have decreased interest in Mo-MuSV. However, a variant of Mo-MuSV derived by mutagenesis and biological selection, ts110, clearly produces higher levels of a v- protein. The purpose of this review is to summarize important findings and properties of this system. Briefly, proteins are produced in easily detectable amounts in cells infected with ts110 Mo-MuSV or in wild-type revertants derived from ts110 virus-infected cells. The ts110 mutant virus exhibits two conditional defects. One defect affects the production of the mRNA for the protein and the other affects the stability of the protein and its associated kinase function.


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