Formation of proviral DNAs by B-tropic murine leukaemia viruses (MLVs) was examined in N-type and dually permissive mutant cells derived from two inbred mouse strains, DDD and G, both of which are N-type. In the N-type cells, formation of circular proviral DNA was strongly suppressed relative to that of linear DNA. Mutation resulting in loss of the N-type Fv-1 restriction resulted in efficient formation of circular DNA by the previously restricted B-tropic MLV. This showed that Fv-1 restriction and inhibition of closed circular DNA formation were controlled by the same gene. The efficiency of formation of circular proviral DNA by the defective Kirsten murine sarcoma virus was determined by the tropism of the helper virus.

Keyword(s): Fv-1 , MLV and proviral DNA

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