21st National Reticuloendothelial Society Meeting

Meridien Hotel, Montreal, Canada, October 14–17, 1984

The 21st National Meeting of the Reticuloendothelial Society will be held in Montreal, Canada, October 14–17, 1984 at the Meridien Hotel. The Scientific Program Chair of this meeting is Dr Dolph O. Adams, Duke University, Durham, NC 27710 and the Local Host Chair is Dr Emil Skamene, Montreal General Hospital, Montreal, Canada H3G 1A4.

The scientific sessions will consist of a Discussion Workshop, Symposia, Minisymposia, Targeted Sessions, Poster Sessions and a Keynote Address.

Receptor-Mediated Endocytosis in Atherogenesis Joseph L. Goldstein, Univ. Texas Southwest Medical School

Cell-Cell Interaction: A Basic Host Recognition System Dolph O. Adams, Duke University, Chair Luis Glaser, Washington University, Chair Ronald L. Schnaar, Johns Hopkins University C. Garrison Fathman, Stanford University

Recent Advances in Neutrophil Biology John I. Gallin, National Inst. of Allergy & Infect. Diseases, Chair James E. Niedel, Duke University Douglas T. Fearson, Harvard Medical School Eric Brown, National Inst. of Allergy & Infect. Diseases


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