We have compared the structural polypeptides of an adult T-cell leukaemia (ATL) virus (ATLV) isolate from a Japanese patient with ATL with those of a similar virus derived from a Japanese macaque monkey. Both are distinct but related entities. Their core polypeptides p19 could not be distinguished, but p24, another core polypeptide, and their envelope glycopolypeptides differ. The human virus directs the synthesis of a single intracellular glycopolypeptide, gp68, while the macaque virus specifies two such glycopolypeptides, gp57 and gp50. Furthermore, the glycopolypeptides of both viruses are serologically distinct. Thus, these viruses represent subtypes of the ATLV family and the macaque virus is apparently not involved in human ATL.

Keyword(s): ATLV , monkey and polypeptides

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