Using the drug tunicamycin we have investigated the nature of the oligosaccharides on herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1)-induced glycoproteins E and Y (gY is a newly identified glycoprotein which has the same apparent mol. wt. as gC but a more basic isoelectric point). Synthesis of both glycoproteins was inhibited by the drug, suggesting they contain -linked oligosaccharides. Our finding, combined with the previous results of other workers, suggests that all the major HSV-induced glycoproteins have this type of carbohydrate modification. All of the major HSV-1-induced glycoproteins are modified by addition of inorganic sulphate. This modification occurs late in their maturation. Most inorganic sulphate appears to be attached to -linked oligosaccharides but some is attached to other parts of glycoprotein E. Using HSV-1/HSV-2 intertypic recombinants, the mapping limits of that part of the glycoprotein E gene coding for differences in mobility between the two serotypes have been further narrowed and are located between coordinates 0.886 and 0.935.


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