Different methods of molecular hybridization were used to study DNA sequences of the highly oncogenic simian adenovirus SA7 (C8) present in the genomes of two transformed rat cell lines and in cells from three hamster tumours induced by adenovirus SA7. The entire DNA or the left-hand terminal I C fragment (19.5% of the genome) were employed. All cell lines retained an intact left-hand region of the SA7 genome (0 to 12.4 map units). The blot hybridization technique failed to detect any site specificity of integration of SA7 DNA into the cell genome. In all cell lines the expression of the II D fragment (1.8 to 10 map units) of SA7 DNA was observed. As judged by the patterns of integration of virus sequences into the cell genome, the highly oncogenic simian adenovirus SA7 (C8) is similar to the non-oncogenic human adenoviruses of group C, and is different from the highly oncogenic human adenovirus type 12.


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