A hybridoma cell line which secretes antibody to the Rous sarcoma virus (RSV) structural protein p27 has been established. The hybrid resulted from the fusion of NS-1 myeloma cells with spleen cells from a Balb/c mouse which was immunized with RSV-transformed mouse cells. Antibodies produced by the hybrid clone immunoprecipitated p27 and precursor proteins (Pr180, Pr76 and Pr66) from [S]methionine-labelled chicken embryo fibroblasts transformed by the Schmidt-Ruppin strain of RSV. When Schmidt-Ruppin virus was radioactively labelled with [S]methionine, p27 was the only virus structural protein immunoprecipitated. Antibody production by the hybrid clone (designated 7-29-D6) has remained stable for longer than 12 months at a level of 50 µg IgG/ml medium. A highly sensitive method to determine the subclass specificity of monoclonal antibodies is described. In this procedure, the clone is incubated with [S]-methionine, and radiolabelled antibody is precipitated with affinity-purified, subclass-specific rabbit anti-mouse serum and . The advantages of this procedure are discussed.


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