The LS1 isolate of tomato mosaic virus (a strain of tobacco mosaic virus) replicates and moves from cell to cell in intact tobacco leaves at 22 °C but is restricted in movement when leaves are maintained at 32 °C, although it can replicate at that temperature. Electron microscopy of thin sections revealed a significantly lower number of plasmodesmata between LS1-infected palisade and/or mesophyll cells from leaves held at 32 °C than from those held at 22 °C. There were also substantially fewer plasmodesmata at 32 °C in LS1-infected tissue when compared with tissue infected with the type strain of tomato mosaic virus (L) which moves from cell to cell at the higher temperature. There were no differences in numbers of plasmodesmata in uninfected tissue at either temperature. No qualitative differences in the structure of plasmodesmata were observed under any conditions tested.


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