Adenovirus type 12 (Ad12)-specific proteins were determined in nine well-characterized Ad12-transformed hamster cell lines and in Ad12-induced hamster and rat tumour lines by immunoprecipitation, gel electrophoresis and autoradiography. All cell lines expressed a 60K mol. wt. polypeptide. In several cell lines, the presence of a 58K mol. wt. protein could also be demonstrated by these techniques. Smaller Ad12-specific proteins could be detected only in the Ad12-transformed hamster cell lines HA12/7 and A2497-3, and in the Ad12-induced hamster tumour line CLAC3. The quality of the immunoprecipitation tests performed depended primarily on the sera used; their antibody titres varied widely. For at least one of the Ad12-transformed hamster cell lines (HA12/7), there was good agreement in the number and mol. wt. of Ad12-specific proteins detected by both immunoprecipitation and translation of hybrid-selected cytoplasmic RNA. There was no clear-cut correlation between the number and the nature of Ad12-specific proteins and the way in which the cell lines or tumours were obtained. Cell lines with the least number of copies of Ad12 DNA persisting appeared to express the largest number of Ad12-specific proteins.


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