RNAs of representative viruses of the exogenous simian sarcoma virus-gibbon ape lymphosarcoma virus (SiSV/GALV) and endogenous baboon virus (BaEV) classes of subhuman primate type C viruses were compared and related to HEL-12 virus, an isolate derived from human embryonic lung cells. The extent of sequence identity between different viral RNA preparations was determined by comparison of fingerprint patterns obtained after electrophoretic separation of RNase T-resistant oligonucleotides. The studies presented indicate that HEL-12 viral RNA and simian sarcoma-simian associated virus [SiSV(SSAV)] RNA share 90 to 95% of the large oligonucleotides. From 5 to 10% of virus-specific oligonucleotides were detected in each of several virus preparations examined and their occurrence was independent of the cell line on which the virus was propagated. HEL-12 virus and GALV-SF have 50% unique oligonucleotides in common. These are the same oligonucleotides that are shared between GALV-SF and SiSV(SSAV) RNA. Two BaEV isolates, M7 and BILN, and RD114, a BaEV-related endogenous virus of cats, each easily display distinguishable oligonucleotide patterns. Large oligonucleotides characteristic for these three endogenous virus isolates were not detected in the fingerprints of HEL-12 virus, SiSV(SSAV) and GALV-SF.


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