Coronavirus JHM contained six major proteins, four of which were glycosylated. The proteins were gp170, gp98, gp65, p60, gp25 and p23. Sac(-) cells infected with JHM shut off host cell protein synthesis, and the synthesis of three major (150K, 60K and 23K) and three minor (65K, 30K and 14K) polypeptides was detected by pulse-labelling with S-methionine. Antiserum directed against purified virus proteins specifically immunoprecipitated the three major intracellular species and also the 65K minor species. During a chase period, species 150K and 23K were processed and three new immunoprecipitable species, 170K, 98K and 25K appeared. The intracellular species 170K, 98K, 65K, 60K, 25K and 23K co-electrophoresed with virion proteins.

Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis of infected cell polypeptides showed that the 60K, 23K, 25K and 14K species were relatively basic polypeptides whilst the 98K and 170K were relatively acidic and heterogeneously charged polypeptides. Additionally, a charge-size modification of the 23K species during processing was detected, which was not apparent using one-dimensional gel analysis.


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