Established lines of insect cells have been obtained only recently and their use in arbovirus studies is only beginning (Suitor, 1966; Converse & Nagle, 1967; Rehacek, 1968; Singh & Paul, 1968 ; Banerjee & Singh, 1968; Yunker & Cory, 1968). Most arbovirus growth reported in insect cell lines does not cause concomitant cytopathic effect (CPE) and plaque formation has not been reported before.

The cell line employed in this study originated from tissues of the mosquito (Singh, 1967). The cells were cultured in a manner identical to that described by Singh (1967) and complete monolayers were obtained about 5 days after subculture. Because this line contains cell types of various sizes, a single cloning was made in order to isolate the smallest cell type. Small coverslips were placed in Petri dishes and dilutions of cell suspensions added. After incubation, coverslips containing single colonies were transferred to tubes in order to increase the cell population.


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