A microelectrophoretic technique was used to study the behaviour of a number of different pox virus preparations from chick embryos. The viruses were suspended in buffered media made molar to sucrose to reduce Brownian movement. The mobility/pH curves obtained were consistent with the view that in all preparations the virus surface was protein or lipo-protein. Cowpox, vaccinia and neurovaccinia viruses gave similar results with an iso-electric point close to 4. The white variant of cowpox virus differed from the parent strain with an iso-electric point at approx. 2.8. Rabbit pox virus had the lowest iso-electric point at approx. 2.3. Variola, alastrim and monkey pox viruses all had iso-electric points of approx. 3.4 but at greater pH than this monkey pox showed somewhat higher mobility than the other two viruses.


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