Adenoviruses offer a number of advantages for integrated morphological and functional studies of structural virus components. During the course of multiplication of these viruses structural components are produced in considerable excess. These components are soluble, both in the traditional and in the true sense of the word, and have dimensions which allow their examination by electron microscopy. In addition most of these soluble components can be easily identified by a number of different biological tests.

During the last four years there has been a considerable accumulation of information on structural and biological characteristics of adenovirus capsid components (cf. Norrby, 1968). This new phase of intensive studies of structural adenovirus components was initiated by the demonstration that vertex capsomeres differed immunologically from non-vertex capsomeres and that they carried projections (Valentine & Pereira, 1965; Norrby, 1966). In the present article an attempt is made to give a brief summing up of our present state of knowledge in this field.


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