The genetic information of MoMuSV-349 and MoMuSV-124, two clones of productively transformed TB cells, was distributed between two size classes of RNA (mol. wt. 2.9 × 10 and 1.9 × 10) in the proportions of 5:1. Some preparations of MoMuSV-124 lacked the large RNA. The virions produced by both clones also contained all the nucleotide sequences of Moloney leukaemia virus and the ratio of MuSV:MuLV produced by the two clones differed markedly. The distribution of the sequences specific for Moloney murine leukaemia virus (MoMuLV) between the two size classes of RNA was studied using molecular hybridization to DNA probes complementary to and representative of: (i) the Moloney murine sarcoma virus (MoMuSV) RNA genome (mol. wt. 1.9 × 10); (ii) those nucleotide sequences shared by MoMuSV and MoMuLV; (iii) nucleotide sequences specific for MoMuSV; (iv) nucleotide sequences specific for MoMuLV. The only detectable Moloney leukaemia virus-specific nucleotide sequences present in MoMuSV-124 virions were in the RNA of mol. wt. 1.9 × 10, whereas these sequences were detected in the RNA of mol. wt. 2.9 × 10 isolated from MoMuSV-349 virions. The biological properties of the replicating information in MoMuSV-124 suggest that, consistent with the small size of RNA, it is defective, whereas MoMuSV-349 produces virions containing an intact MoMuLV genome, competent for replication.


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