DNA modification of T7 wild type and of T7 M-mutants was studied by determining the percentage of 5-methylcytosine(5MC)/cytosine(C) and N6-aminopurine (6MA)/adenine (A) and by evaluating the plating efficiencies of restriction-sensitive T7 M-mutants on modifying and non-modifying host strains. Only 0.03% adenine and 0.02% cytosine were methylated in the DNA of T7 wild type as well as in T7 M-mutants, which was independent of the host DNA methylation (30- to 50-fold higher). The restriction of T7 M-mutants, determined from the plating efficiencies, was not altered on modifying or non-modifying hosts. These results indicate that host-specific modification is blocked during T7 development and that this is not due to the M-protein.


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