The First Ames-Yissum Conference on Latent and Persistent Virus Infections in Man

To be held at the Jerusalem Hilton Hotel, Jerusalem, Israel, on 14–18 October 1979.

The Conference will cover aspects of:

  • (1)  The role of viruses in disorders of the central nervous system; measles and related viruses.
  • (2)  Herpes viruses.
  • (3)  Viral hepatitis.

Key speakers will be:

Friedrich Deinhardt (West Germany); D. Carleton Gajdusek (U.S.A.); William S. Robinson (U.S.A.) John L. Sever (U.S.A.); Bernard N. Fields (U.S.A.); Hilary Koprowski (U.S.A.); Bernard Roizman (U.S.A.); John H. Subak-Sharpe (Scotland)

Registration fees: U.S. $50.00.

Application forms available from The Virology Conference Secretariat, P.O. Box 983, Jerusalem, Israel.


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