Super-infection of Pichinde virus-infected cells with vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) resulted in the production of pseudotype virus which was not neutralized by antiserum to VSV but which was neutralized by antiserum to Pichinde virus. Analysis of pseudotype virus production in relation to the kinetics of replication of Pichinde virus demonstrated that pseudotype virus production occurred when super-infection with VSV was initiated 8 h or more after infecting the cells with Pichinde virus. The quantities of pseudotype virus produced correlated with the quantities of Pichinde virus antigen detected on the surface of the cells both during acute infection and in cells chronically infected with Pichinde virus. The observations indicate that pseudotype of VSV and Pichinde virus are readily formed and that the formation of pseudotype virus may be used to examine the Pichinde virus antigens expressed on the surface of infected cells.


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