Poly (A) polymerase activity has been measured in crude cytoplasmic extracts of mouse L cells infected with encephalomyocarditis (EMC) virus. After infection there is first a decrease in enzyme activity followed by an increase which itself precedes detectable virus RNA and protein synthesis. The activity of the enzyme then declines before the release of mature virions and cell death take place. The early inhibition of poly (A) polymerase activity is correlated with the virus-induced shut-off of cellular protein synthesis but it is not due to inhibition of the synthesis of cellular enzyme and occurs in the absence of virus replication. The poly (A) polymerase is not synthesized after infection and modification of its activity can be reversed late in the virus cycle. These results indicate that host poly (A) polymerase activity can be regulated by the virus and further show that there is a correlation between the modification of poly (A) polymerase activity and the biosynthesis of poly (A).


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