On the basis of gel precipitation, reactions with rabbit anti-pike fry rhabdovirus sera, a recent virus isolate (V75/94) from pike fry, and the grass carp rhabdovirus were found to be indistinguishable from pike fry rhabdovirus. The proteins of these viruses were compared to those of spring viraemia of carp virus. In ‘rocket’ immunoelectrophoresis the pike fry rhabdoviruses and the grass carp rhabdovirus showed up to 4 lines with homologous antiserum in which the precipitates formed by the G and M proteins were fused. With this antiserum, spring viraemia of carp virus gave only one precipitation are which was formed by the N protein. All the viruses are very similar to vesicular stomatitis virus with respect to the mol. wt., localization and phosphorylation of structural proteins. In polyacrylamide-SDS slab gels the viruses showed minor differences in the migration of their respective NS proteins.


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