Intact plant cells are impermeable to both ferritin conjugated antibodies (Shalla & Amici, 1967) and the considerably smaller iodine labelled antibodies (Langenberg & Schlegel, 1967). During a preliminary study of the use of I-labelled antibody in studies of tobacco mosaic virus infection evidence has been obtained for the penetration of intact fixed isolated tomato fruit protoplasts by iodinated antibodies.

I-labelled tobacco mosaic virus antibody was prepared by iodinating a tobacco-mosaic-virus-antibody precipitate with carrier-free sodium iodide [I] using chloramine, following methods described by Langenberg & Schlegel (1967) and McConahey & Dixon (1966). After releasing virus from the iodinated precipitate with 0.1 glycine, pH 2.5, the antibody solution was dialysed against saline neutral phosphate buffer (0.9% sodium chloride in 0.01 phosphate buffer, pH 7.0, containing 0.01 sodium azide) to remove residual iodide. Protoplasts were isolated from fully infected tomato locule tissue (Cocking & Pojnar, 1968), fixed in 6% glutaraldehyde (0.05 sodium phosphate buffer, pH 7.0) for 3 hr and washed three times with saline neutral phosphate to remove free fixative.


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