The purpose of this Summer School is to provide a comprehensive and expert overview and assessment of the state of the art in the molecular biology of the smallest, RNA-containing animal viruses. Lectures by Faculty and round tables will cover: structure of the virion, analysis of proteins and RNA components, mechanism of replication, virus/host-cell interactions, potential regulatory mechanism(s), action of interferon at the molecular level, virus-directed synthesis of RNA and proteins and .

will include: F. Brown, E. Ehrenfeld, E. Falcoff, P. Fellner, R. Jackson, B. D. Korant, J. Lucas-Lenard, R. Pérez-Bercoff, M. Revel, D. Scraba, D. Summers and A. Traub.

will be limited to 60 and a number of N.A.T.O. fellowships will be available.

(before 30 June) to: Dr R. Pérez-Bercoff; Lab. Virology and Mol. Biol.; Division of Cell Biology; Institute of Anatomy; Gloriastr. 19; 8006-Zurich, Switzerland.


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