Some morphological, biological, immunological and biochemical characterizations of a virus, rat helper virus pseudotype Kirsten sarcoma virus, KiMSV-(RHHV), have been presented here. KiMSV(RHHV) has a type C virus ultrastructure. It is strictly rat tropic and is able to transform rat cells . The possibility of its being a xenotropic mouse virus has been carefully ruled out by exhaustive analyses of host range and immunological studies. Antigenically KiMSV (RHHV) demonstrates cross reactivity with an antiserum specific against rat leukaemia virus, no cross reactivity with antiserum against Moloney leukaemia virus, and only minor cross reactivity with antiserum against cat leukaemia virus. Analysis of virus proteins and glycoproteins by equilibrium acrylamide gradient gel electrophoresis showed that the virus complex possesses both a gp70 fraction and a p30 fraction. KiMSV(RHHV) sediments isopycnically in a linear sucrose gradient at 1.145 to 1.155 g/ml and possesses RNA and reverse transcriptase activity.


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