A rat tropic rat hepatoma virus pseudotype Kirsten sarcoma virus has been rescued from a co-culture of rat hepatoma tissue culture cells, HTC-H1, with Kirsten murine sarcoma transformed non-producer rat kidney cells (K-NRK). The virus complex, RHHV-KiMSV, released from the co-culture exhibited cell transformation ability on normal rat kidney (NRK) cells and showed a restricted host range limited to rat embryo fibroblasts and other normal rat cell lines. Evidence derived from indirect immunofluorescence assays demonstrated the association of rat helper virus specific gs-1 and gs-3 antigens with RHHV-KiMSV transformed cells. RHHV-KiMSV is currently being cultured at a titre as high as 10 f.f.u./ml in tissue culture, and thus offering opportunity for biochemical studies of rat viruses.


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